Staying Organized

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Staying organized in a fast paced world can be a daunting task. We’ve all been there and we’ve all sworn never to return; but some how we find ourselves in the same predicament as before. It seems like a viscous never-ending cycle that’s extremely tough to break. But there is hope…

Small Beginnings

Start with the small things at work. This might be putting pens or highlighters away so they aren’t scattered on your desk. Keeping your desk tidy actually calms you down. A messy desk breeds anxiety. This might also include putting papers away in a folder or an inbox tray.

The Expanse

Get things organized and put away right away. For your expense receipts and statements, create 12 folders or envelopes, one for each month. As an expense or statement arrives, slip it in. When you meet with your accountant or bookkeeper once a month, it’s ready to go. You can grab the envelope and go and not worry about trying to find everything.

And Beyond…

You might find new ways to stay organized in other areas of your life. Expand your new found love for organization to your filing cabinet. I encourage all of my clients to go through their cabinet at least once a month and see if there is anything that was filed incorrectly or doesn’t need to be in there. It’s amazing what you will find when you go through old documents! You may discover that you can be on top of things sooner rather than digging in your office for that one contract or that one expense report for that meeting you’re rushing off to. Keeping your office neat and tidy will yield higher productivity and allow you to focus more on what’s important for you: your business.

Clients of Accountable Value Financial Services receive an organization starter pack. We will help you get organized with your accounting and financial papers and can offer useful tips for other areas of your business. Contact us today to get started on better organization for your business!

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