All rates are per month unless specified. Packages are not including payroll, AR, AP, banking, GST remittances. We do NOT charge for initial meetings.

Start-up Helper$30/hr+*Designed for brand new businesses that are unsure of where they sit. We will work with you for an hourly rate to figure out what services best suite your needs, then move you over to one of the plans below. Meetings are billed at hourly rate
Small Business Basic$300Designed for companies with up to 2 (Bank and Credit Card) account reconciliations, and under 100 transactions per month. Also includes a 1 hour in person or virtual meeting.
Small Business Plus$500Designed for companies with up to 4 account (Bank and Credit Card) reconciliations, and under 200 transactions per month. Also includes a 1 hour in person or virtual meeting.
Medium Business Basic$750Designed for companies with up to 5 account (Bank and Credit Card) reconciliations and under 300 transactions per month. Also includes: 1 hour in person meeting or 1.5 hour virtual meeting, monthly review of expenses (financial review), and a 1 hour annual budget meeting.
Medium Business Plus$1000Designed for companies with up to 5 account reconciliations and under 400 transactions per month. Includes everything from the Medium Business Basic PLUS GST remittances, email and phone support.
Catch UpVaries$1500 / year – under 100 transactions / month
$3000 / year – between 101 and 300 transactions / month
$5000 / year – between 301 and 500 transactions / month

Does not include any meetings except initial meet and final meet. If extra meetings are required, they will be billed at the current hourly rate listed above.

*Hourly rate increases with complexity and industry of company.


Payroll$50 / pay period + $3 / employee / pay periodIncludes T4, payroll remittances, and bookkeeping surrounding Payroll
GST$50 / remittanceIncludes filing
Accounts Receivable$5 / customer / run (volume discount available)Includes generating invoices for services and emailing invoices to the proper person. Collections are an additional $5 / customer / month. Online Banking required.
Accounts Payable$5 / Vendor / run (volume discount available)Includes correspondence with vendor (if needed) and payment. Payment MUST come from your account either a Credit Card or Bank
BankingCurrent Hourly Rate listed aboveOnline Banking Access is required. May include: payment of credit cards, transfer of funds to savings accounts, line of credits, etc

All amounts are billed on the first of every month and due 5 business days after receipt of invoice.