Corporate Taxes

Loans from Family Corporations

  • Justyn 
Advice should be sought if you currently have, or are considering, personal loans to a shareholder of a corporation, or a family member.

Carbon Tax

  • Justyn 
As of April 1, 2019, a federal carbon tax is scheduled to be imposed in respect of Ontario, New Brunswick, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. Other provinces have some form of this already in place. This may affect your business more than you know; reach out to us to see how you can mitigate any loss in income.

Accelerated Depreciation

  • Justyn 
Recent changes to the 2019 tax year include immediate full depreciation in respect of manufacturing & processing assets, along with clean energy generation and storage assets. Also, an enhanced first year depreciation claim is now available for most other depreciable assets. Should you do the Accelerated Depreciation or stick to the old method?