As a Canadian small business owner, whether you’re a sole proprietor or have one hundred or more employees, you can convert your family’s personal health expenses into tax deductible business expenses, and you can even cover your employees and their immediate family too.

It’s called a Private Health Services Plan or PHSP.

With a PHSP you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on: Prescription Drugs, Dental Care, Vision Care, Physiotherapy, and more.

Do I Qualify?

Qualifying for a Private Health Services Plan is simple.

Ask yourself these simple questions:

If you answered “Yes” to any or all of the questions above, then you are an excellent participant for a Private Health Services Plan.


What kind of expenses can be claimed?

With a Private Health Services Plan you can claim a wide range of eligible expenses including:

In addition, with a PHSP you can garner additional savings when an employee is covered under a pre-existing spousal plan because a PHSP calls outside the coordination of benefits rule. This means all expenses for your employee and their dependents would be submitted under the spousal plan first, and any remaining balance can then be submitted through the PHSP process.

How does a PHSP save me money?

A Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) allows you to pay for 100% of your medical and related health expenses through your business (as opposed to incurring them solely as a personal cost).  This means you are able to significantly reduce your tax burden by deducting 100% of your medical costs.

Additionally, you save money by avoiding high premiums associated with traditional health insurance. With a PHSP you only ever pay when you submit a claim. There are no hidden costs or annual fees.

By eliminating expensive deductible and co-payments you save money and aren’t strapped with products and services you don’t need or use.

PHSP Savings Analysis

Below is an example of a savings comparison between a medical expense paid personally vs. through your business. Let’s assume your corporate tax rate is 15% and personal tax rate is 43% and let’s also assume you have a medical expense of $1000.00

After Tax - Paid out-of-pocket Personally

After tax dollars is the amount remaining after personal income tax is paid. In this example’s tax bracket, the company will pay $2325.58 (including income tax), of which 43% is used to pay income tax ($1325.58) in order for you to pay this $1000.00 medical bill. To explain in detail, each $1.00 you spend on medical expenses would require your company to pay you approximately $2.33 before tax. The amount of 43% (or $1.33) is paid in tax to Canada Revenue Agency in the form of provincial and federal taxes.

Before Tax - Paid by Your Business

In this case, the medical expense is paid through your corporation as a before tax business expense. Effectively, your business is able to write off 100% of your medical expense. You save money by keeping the additional 43% tax inside your corporation. This means that for that $1000.00 expense, your company only pays $1050.00 to cover the cost instead of $2325.58; leaving $1275.58 in the company. On top of this, you get $1000.00 in your pocket tax free AND your company gets a tax deduction of 15% ($157.50) so the total savings is now $1433.08. The cost of the Health Spending Account (HSA) will vary by provider. In this example, the admin fee is 5% ($50.00 in this example). You would pay $50.00 instead of $1325.58 in taxes.

What is the cost?

Our fee structure is simple and affordable – all you pay is a one-time registration fee of $75.00, and a 5% administration fee on submitted claims.

There are no monthly or annual premiums to pay. No hidden fees.

The PHSP is used only when health related expenses are incurred, and you never pay for coverage you do not use or need.

Why choose AVFS?

Same-day Reimbursement

We are one of the only companies to offer same day reimbursements (when paying via Interac e-transfer). When you submit your claim to AVFS, we will send your company an invoice to illustrate exactly how much your paying (in case there are any disallowed items or miscalculations on your submission).

No Hidden or Ongoing Fees

At AVFS there are no monthly or annual premiums and no hidden fees. We never charge you for anything except our industry low admin fee.

Enhanced Privacy

We take the protection and security of your personal data seriously. At AVFS we regularly purge all our platforms (email, website, etc.) anywhere your information is stored within our system to ensure your sensitive personal information never gets into the hands of someone it doesn’t belong. In addition, we use industry standard encryption protocols to further protect and secure your information, and we never share your data with third parties, ever.

Lowest Fee

We pride ourselves on offering our clients one of the lowest fees in the industry. Our one-time registration fee of $75 is significantly lower than most of our competitors and we only ever charge a 5% administration fee on claims submitted.

No Hassle Digital Solutions

It’s the 21st Century and who needs more unnecessary paperwork? At AVFS we are a fully digital financial services firm meaning everything we do can be done electronically or from your mobile device – and of course – if you prefer the traditional paper approach, we do that too.


There are five ways you can pay us:

Interac eTransfer

Send us an Interac eTransfer to: for same day claim reimbursement.


Mail us a cheque to:

37 Cranberry Avenue
Calgary, Alberta
T3M 0L9​

Direct Deposit

Set us up for Direct Deposit using your EFT providers. Once the funds are received, we will issue the claim reimbursement the same day.

Credit Card

We can process a credit card, but we charge an additional 3.1% on all transactions under $500.00


We have partnered with Rotessa to offer our clients the ability to enter their bank account information securely in Rotessa's system. Funds are withdrawn from your account and deposited into ours. When we receive the funds, your reimbursement will be issued.

There are two ways to receive your reimbursement:

Interac eTransfer

We will issue you an Interac eTransfer to the email we have on file for the covered employee making the claim.


We will mail a cheque reimbursement to the address we have on file for the covered employee making the claim.

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How do I Register?

Registration is simple. You can click below to open our registration form or you can click here to download the registration form and email it back to us to

If you are an existing AVFS bookkeeping client, the registration fee is waived.

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