How it Works

The process on submitting a claim to AVFS is a simple 3 step process:

Obtain the service


First step is to pay for the service or item. Let’s say you got a prescription for $100.00. Pay for it out of your personal bank account (or personal visa).

Fill out the forms

Second step is to fill out the form (found here). We require a claim form filled out for all claims; no exceptions. Download a claim form and fill out all the information.

Submit your claim

Last step is to submit your claim! This can be done by scanning everything and sending it via email OR send us a quick email and we can set up a secure Dropbox or Google Drive for you to send in your claim. All claims must be paid for via Interac eTransfer sent to: Scan the prescription receipt and submit it. The claim form will tell you how much to send via Interac eTransfer (in our example, this would be:

Claim: $100.00

Admin: $5.00 (5% of the claim amount)

GST: $0.25 (5% on the Admin Fee Only)

How do I register?

Registration is simple. Fill out this form and send it in with proof of payment (we charge $75.00 for all new companies, current bookkeeping clients will have their registration fee waived). Payment can be sent via Interac eTransfer to: