Why Choose Us

Why choose Accountable Value Financial Services for your PHSP needs? It’s simple – we save you time AND money:

  1. Same-day reimbursement: You will receive your reimbursement the same business day as when we receive your funds (business day is defined as 8:00am to 6:00pm, Mon-Fri). This is our promise to you. We are so sure on our adjudication process that we can make this promise to you.
  2. Our industry low fee: We only charge 5%. We don’t feel the need to charge any more than that. We dare you to shop around and see for yourself that we are one of the lowest in the industry for our admin fee.
  3. No ongoing fees: We don’t charge anything except the admin fee (GST/HST is charged, but only on the admin fee). We have NO yearly fees, NO monthly fees, NO change fees, NO additional fees. (AVFS has a one time registration fee of $75.00)
  4. Fully Digital: We are a fully digital company meaning everything we do can be done electronically (or the traditional paper is still valid!). You can submit your claim electronically, your payment electronically, receive your statements electronically; everything has an electronic option. Concerned about security? We purge all public avenues (email, website, anywhere your information may reside publicly) of your sensitive personal information (things such as medical receipts, financial transactions, etc are part of this; basic information such as name and the total amount claimed for the year MAY reside on an online, secure portal in the future).
  5. Receive invoices for payments: We are a bookkeeping/accounting firm so we know the importance of paper trails. When you or your employees submit a claim, we will issue your company an invoice showing the exact dollar amount to send. You don’t have to worry anymore about sending too much or too little and the hassle of getting a refund.

Why switch to AVFS for your PHSP needs? It’s simple – it’s free to switch to us. We won’t charge you a registration fee because you already know how the process works.

Head over to our PHSP main page for more details and to sign up.

Below are a list of our current competitors and their rates.

Company Rate Sign up fee Other fees
AVFS 5% $75.00 $0.00
Olympia Benefits 0% $0.00 $500/yr*
Trusted Advisor 10% Unknown Unknown
Puhl Employee Benefits 5% Unknown Unknown
Brock Health Administration 5% $100.00 None
Cost Efficient Benefit Plan 5% $100.00 Unknown
*Olympia Benefits charge $500/yr, that’s a $10,000.00 claim with us. 90% of all small businesses do not do more than $4,000.00 in claims.
Most companies listed above do not openly list fees or extra charges. AVFS has 0 extra fees. The above list was comprised on November 13, 2018. Fees may have changed without notice to us.